Hello, I am Rich Schlosser a certified Practitioner of QEST and MFR in Pagosa Springs CO.

I have always been infatuated with the human body and its ability to heal itself, givin the correct environment. For decades I have been on a quest of health, healing and spiritual growth. Although the learning never ends I feel I’m at a place now where I feel the urge to share my gifts. I consider myself a healer but more of a conductor that can help you access your own healing energy. I’m excited to work with you through QEST, MFR and bodywork to help bring your body to its full energetic capacity so you can, heal and feel good!


My Services

Initial appointment, consultation and treatment

This involves a unique cranial technique that allows the brain to help send better messages to other organs and parts of the body. It is the foundation of our work and is needed before receiving other treatments. Please allow up to 2 hours for this session.


Each session is individualized and tailored to where your body is at the moment. Through muscle testing I will validate which modality will be most effective for that visit. All that is required from you is…the will to want to be healed.

The new frontier in healing is Energy Medicine.

The new frontier in healing is Energy Medicine. Quantum Therapeutic Release QTR is energy medicine. Energy is needed to sustain life, it flows through us via meridian channels to serve tissues and organs. The meridian channels can sometimes get blocked and affect all functions of the body, causing pain, inflammation and disease. These blockages can be cleared and shifted with the help of QTR, like supercharging a dead battery and allowing your body to heal itself naturally and achieve optimal health.

Energy stimulates us, makes us feel alive, vibrant and enthused. It is abundant, it is always there for us and can heal us from within. There is a huge crises in the state of human health right now, heal yourself and you can help heal the World.

Quantum Energetic Structured Therapy (Qest) is a non invasive, energy medicine approach to optimal health.

A healthy body is one that is free and clear of energy blockages. Qest can help identify these blockages in early stages by using a unique language of codes that correspond vibrationally with conditions of the body. These codes are tapped on the body in a Morse-code fashion and then muscle tested to confirm if the condition is present on an energetic level… sometimes before symptoms even appear.

There is a corrective procedure for each code that is performed and saved through gentle touch therapy or subtle directional movement, along with the client’s breathing, to re-align disrupted energy patterns and stimulate the body to heal itself. How soon your body experiences results will depend on the amount of layers contributing to the condition.

As a Health & Wellness program, it is highly recommended to systematically check through the codes in numerical order to help identify underlying causes of a condition. Each visit picks up where we left off in the sequence of codes to determine which energetic disturbances show up and need to be addressed. By going “in order” this systematic approach will help restore your body to its Optimal Health and higher quality of life.

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Fascia is your shock-absorption system that actually holds your body together.

The Fascial system is the largest, most continuous system in your body. This three dimensional web-like system is comprised of gel like fluid. Fascia surrounds and flows through every muscle, bone, cell and organ in your body, from head to toe. It should be fluid and ever changing as your body demands. If the elasticity of the fascia become restricted or solidified, the fascial strains can cause pain, malfunction and imbalance through all parts of your body. The goal of Myofascial release is to remove your fascial restrictions.

MFR a safe and effective hands-on approach that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into fascia restrictions. When a release is felt, we go deeper to gently loosen the ground substance which changes the viscosity to a more gel state and increases the glide of the fascial tissue. When the fascia is open, pliable and fluid, it allows movement between structures and organs that is free of friction, then the whole body can function and move with ease the way it is supposed to. Releasing the fascia can bring incredible relief and help you regain or maintain good health. The specific style I practice is the John F. Barnes.


Sometimes, our bodies just need to relax and unwind.

Human touch is one of the most healing energies on the planet.  I offer a wide-range of techniques that vary from deep-tissue to soft-tissue; trigger-point; Gua, or tight spots in your muscle-tissue inviting them to realign and take their natural course.

I also have experience in opening up meridian-lines and balancing posture.  Each session is catered to what your body needs at that time.  I offer a clean, safe, quiet environment with soft music and essential-oil aromas.  I assure you, you will walk away rejuvenated and refreshed.

What our grandparents once called FOOD now needs to be specified as ORGANIC.

Today 80% of disease is a result of malnutrition. Cancer is now up to a 200 billion dollar a year industry between drugs, surgery and radiation. People are being overfed with empty calories and the body cells are simply not getting nourished. Huge amounts of money is wasted on processed foods where you pay to have the nutrients removed and then buy them back in synthetic supplements. There are now over 75,000 synthetic chemicals and supplements being pumped into processed foods each day. Processed foods, sugars, GMO’s, pesticides and adulterated animal products are making us deficient and toxic.

Third to Religion and Politics, Nutrition can be one of the most controversial topics I know. Its seems each time I pick up a book it contradicts the one before it. What it really comes down to is, we are all different. Pay attention to how you feel after a meal, let your body be the barometer. Do you feel nauseous, lethargic and sick or… nourished, energized and healthy? Our bodies are all unique and the truth is within you. Food is meant to nourish our bodies not deplenish them.

Everyone has a choice of what you will or will not eat. The best way to improve your health and strengthen your immune system is through nutrient dense, REAL foods in their whole, natural state. By ingesting high quality foods, such as ORGANIC, locally grown, mineral rich with natural vitamin, fibers, antioxidants and enzymes as well as wild caught and naturally raised animal products, we can support the industries that support our health. You have a choice of where you spend your next dollar… which industry do you choose to support?

Please…. be responsible and accountable for every bite you take.

Immune System

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